Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What would you do for a Klondyke bar?

*coughs/clears throat*
Attention please.
 *slams hand down on front desk* and yells at top of his longs, "PAY ATTENTION TO MY SPEECH!!!"

Everywhere you look in your lives you are the subject of targeted marketing, research and advertising. Walk through the lunchroom and several advertisements are staring at your eyes, waiting for their chance to captivate your subconscious and earn your consumer dollars.

Where are these signs you may ask? Right now there are 13 billboards in this room advertising products, 17 products themselves advertising to you, and your ages, birthdays and spending habits are already being tracked by mega corporations so that when you are older they will know what junk mail to send you and where you will most likely pay attention to their posters.

Slogans and attention getters like me banging on the desk and yelling are similar to how newspapers were once sold on street corners with children yelling, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" In todays advertising world corporations have gone to marketing directly on products, with logos and branding. This creates armies of walking billboards for companies like Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, PacSun, Old Navy, Sony, Nike, Vizio, Pepsi, Coke, and Zumiez. Look around you, think about a place you go that you do not see logos and branding on clothing and beverages?

*Holds up various logos such as Hollister's bird and the Nike swoosh*

How often do you see TV commercials for Hollister? What about Nike? Rarely and yet we know their brand better than most....


This was the introduction and beginning of my speech I gave on Mass Marketing this morning in English 9. I think I did well, the class seemed relatively interested. However my visual aid was boring compared to some of the people. one girl in my class had sandwiches for everyone! How fair is that!!!

Anyways, hopefully i do well on this project because I have a C in the class and an A on this will prolly get me an overall B for the end of School! Wish me luck!

TMC snitches!

Poll Results: What is your preferred gaming console?

Playstation (1,2 or 3)
  5 (25%)
Xbox (Reg or 360)
  5 (25%)
Nintendo (NES through N64)
  0 (0%)
Nintendo (Gamecube and Wii)
  0 (0%)
Sega (All Sega systems)
  0 (0%)
  8 (40%)
  0 (0%)
Arcade Machines
  0 (0%)
Handhelds (Gameboys, DS, PSP ect.)
  0 (0%)
  2 (10%)

I find it very interesting that PC won, as the traditional gaming consoles like Nintendo and Xbox get much more publicity as far as gaming goes!

So anyways... like usual I have a new poll up, so check it out! 

Also, if you have any ideas for future polls, shoot me an email at

Id love some help thinking of them! hehe



Easter Egg to Follow...

(Press A button, Right C button, R Trigger three times and hit x while simultaneousnessly singing and giving birth to a live chicken to activate hidden nude photo of me)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tomatoes 2

So today was pretty uneventful. Talked with nolan extensively today and we decided for sure we would like to become an official couple, exclusive and what not, but he is gonna talk to his mom first. He had alot of drama involved with him being out and interested in some boy in middle school and it caused problems and a fight and aparently that is why they moved here. So I guess he wants to make sure im approved. hehe

She loves me tho so it should be fine! In other news, my father and I got in a huge fight tonight over me not properly emptying the trash cans around the house when all he told me to do was take out the trash this morning while he was pointing at the one in the kitchen! How was I supposed to know he meant all of them? lol

So lots of yelling and threats and hate and venom spewing and ugh... its stressin just talking about it

I think I am gonna end up going all nuts on his ass someday!

Peace and have good wednes-daYs!


Monday, May 9, 2011

COTAB! ! ! ! !

COTAB = Check out this awesome blog!

The guys name is DJ and he makes some wicked sounds! Check him out and while your at it, remember to add me on MSN or follow me or link to me on your blogs if you like what you see or wanna chat me up!

Peaces and pieces of Puzzles!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Morning

Saturday was magical. Friday night was normal, two teens just hanging out. We crashed early and slept good, when I woke up I was, as always, quite erected. Hard as a rock there lying on the floor, Nolan slept on my bed. So I want to, as I always do when I wake up, take care of business but I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t seen. Mind you it’s not because I do not want him to see my penis, it was because of what I look at.

Before I go into what happened Saturday morning, I need to tell you that I chickened out Friday night. I wanted to tell him so much. When we changed into our pajamas he was buck naked right in front of me, I was too and for a second I started walking into the bathroom as I changed because I was starting to show my excitement. I pussied out.

He was asleep, well appeared asleep. So I got on my laptop and started perusing my supply of pics and a video. As I am looking at a particular picture I hear from behind me, “Hey, what are you doing over there?” I freaking froze. I had been going at it pretty hard and had no doubt given away my secret. He couldn’t see me, but of course he could see my laptop screen. I looked over at him and he was just staring at me, the screen and down at my hands.

I replied to him, “I’m just taking care of some business.” and smiled back at him. I was looking right in his eyes as he smiled back at me. Then he asked me if the pic was me. Looking at the picture it does look very much like me, but before you all get excited it’s not, I stole it from some pic blog. But on a side note, if you would like a picture of what my ass looks like, there you go… hehe.

So he asked if it was me and I said, “No, Im not that cute.” Lol then I froze again, I said ‘cute’! Total gayness! He just looked at me. The whole thing seemed like forever. Then he asked me if I thought that boy was cute, I said that I liked his ass. Then he said that mine was cuter. I know I blinked. I know I smiled bigger. The sound of his voice saying my butt was cute was so magical my day was perfect. No better way to wake up in the morning exists for me. He just kept looking at me.

So if what had happened already wasn’t enough to totally make me as hard as granite, what came next took me over my limits. He said that he bets the other side is even cuter and smiled and laughed, almost a giggle! I just gave up all my reserves. It seemed like this was it, this was the conversation I wanted to have since I met him and it came with no talk of being gay, no talk of sex. Just my cute butt and front and hours if not days, months and years of smiling crammed into 5 minutes.

I got up and walked over to the bed. No doubt he could see every inch of my fully raised tent in my boxer briefs and still he just stared at my eyes. I pulled back the covers and saw he was hard as well, I said, “I like you a lot.” He just smiled. he told me he liked me to and had since wed met. We just laid in bed together for the next hour or so. Cuddled up together we were in full embrace. Every part of our bodies touched together. Nothing further happened. We just laid there talking about our lives. I talked about my parents and Ashley. He told me about his problems with being out in middle school and why he transferred.

After we got up we ate breakfast. I told him id wee him tomorrow and we went outside. He was just going to walk home and so I kissed him on the cheek and we parted ways for the day. My dream come true day. I do not know what will happen with us, but I know that I have never felt so much love from another human being as I felt from Nolan when it was just us, together in a galaxy of stars. We were just laying there talking, but for some reason it fulfilled every dream I had about doing everything I could think of with him.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

tHe bEst SaturDay of my eNTire life?

Friday night with Nolan was uneventful. The movie got canceled because neither of us wanted to see what the other one wanted and we almost saw Water For Elephants but decided to go to the arcade next door to the theatre instead. We played a bunch of games then got picked up and came home. We hung out, played xbox, we were talking about porn but we were tired and we ended up talking ourselves to sleep.

As I said, Friday night was uneventful. Saturday morning was not. :) No details yet.


Friday, May 6, 2011

New pic!

Just a pic my friend heather posted on her FB of me, cody and her!